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A+ Content

July 18, 2019 Incomar Insights 0

What is A+ Content?

A+ content is a feature on Amazon that allows you to provide more in-depth details about your product, including, but not limited to, item descriptions, videos, infographics and more. A+ content may also be used to compare your product to those of your competitors. Typically, consumers will find A+ content on a product detail page beneath the section “From the Manufacturer.”

Why do you need A+ Content?

According to Amazon, A+ content can increase sales anywhere from 3% to 10%, because it gives consumers a more in-depth overview of the features and benefits of the product. Through the use of visual aids, such as high-quality images and video, in addition to textual descriptions, A+ content is able to enhance a consumer’s understanding of a product and improve conversion rates.

Adding A+ content is also useful for making your product stand out from the rest. If there are multiple products that are very similar, but one has the additional detail that A+ content provides, a consumer will have a more thorough understanding of the features and benefits of the product with A+ content, and the likelihood that they will purchase that product is increased. A+ content uses multimedia to give you a competitive edge, and will make it more likely that a customer will convert to basket.