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Classic Rock and Thoughtful Video Asset Creation….Who knew?

February 1, 2018 Incomar Insights 3832

The title song of British singer Rod Stewart’s third solo album repeated the lyric “…every picture tells a story, don’t it?”

Over and over, like a mantra.  And while it’s true that one picture can suggest a story (or can achieve the similar analogy ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’), sometimes more inspirational fuel is needed to take the full meaning of an idea down the stretch run to the finish line.

At Incomar Services, we deconstruct the job of thoughtful video asset creation down to an almost-granular level with clients.  Is it a broader, more holistic approach?  Certainly, if that word’s definition is ‘emphasizing the organic or functional relation between the parts and the whole’.  It is critical that the formation of a video for a specific product be in complete harmony with the overall direction and mission of the company.

How is this accomplished?  Our one-on-one discovery session with the client is a proven great start, gathering words and ideas through collaboration to form a true perspective, then a script.  This audio portion of the creation is truly the voice of the product, and we work together during this preliminary process of review, understanding, modification and approval.  During this time, however, we’re always keeping the potential of the video imagery in mind as a perfect counterpart.

There is much flexibility on the path to completion from this point.  Incomar is a very nimble agency. We know studies have shown that customers are 60-70% more likely to be converted to sales by viewing an effective video.  Not to mention that videos connected to product improve searchability and drive search optimization.  Those statistics are not lost on us, which is all the more reason to tailor the video completely to the client’s wishes.

We believe that a short, upbeat, bright, moving 2D or 3D piece is equivalent to watching a trailer to a movie. If done correctly, it has the opportunity to impart a great deal of information and will drive product sales.  Our staff of writers, photographers, videographers and voiceover artists can make this happen.  Their talent that goes into your video is what we do.

Another great song from that 1971 Rod Stewart album was the classic written by Tim Hardin, ‘Reason To Believe’.  Whether it’s a 2D image array that will speak to the story, or full motion video that is a true testament to your product, Incomar will definitely give your prospective customers a reason to believe.

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