Digital Asset Management – What is it and why do I need it?

  What Is Digital Asset Management?  Believe it or not, you’re most likely familiar with the basic concepts of digital asset management (DAM). Digital Asset Management is all about saving, naming and sharing images, video files, audio files, and so on. To be successful your digital assets should be stored and cataloged in a centralized location that is…
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December 3, 2018 0

A Frequently Asked Question

What is Incomar Services? Simply put, INCOMAR stands for INtegrated COntent MARketing. It’s our job to create and manage strategic content for you. We help you show off your products to existing and potential customers through our variety of services. We believe that there is no such thing as a boring product, and we represent…
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November 1, 2018 7341

Know Your Image File Formats

All image files are not created equal. Depending on where and how you plan to use an image, different types of files are needed to deliver professional-quality results. It’s not a simple question of determining whether an image will be delivered to a printer or uploaded to the web or used on a sell sheet…
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October 18, 2018 0

What Makes An Effective Product Video?

Over the years, we have worked with many manufacturers to produce dynamic, engaging videos that drive product sales on their websites and on resellers’ online platforms. While every product video is different, we have identified several key characteristics of the best product videos. Use the following checklist to determine whether your video assets are as…
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October 5, 2018 0

Strategies for Articulating Features and Benefits Through Product Images

In the world of  e-commerce, images have proven to be far more powerful than words alone to persuade end users to make a purchase. But just any image won’t do. For many products, it takes a set of high-quality images to tell a comprehensive story about product features and benefits. A successful set of images…
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September 20, 2018 0


When it comes to product videos, one size doen’t fit all. Paying close attention to the differences in resellers’ website interfaces, social media channels and syndication sites results in videos that resonate with viewers. And, creating video content that matches the platform characteristics is the best way to get more value out of your video…
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September 7, 2018 0


  Everyone agrees images are essential in ecommerce. Images have the power to build trust and educate the consumer. And words can’t compete with the ability of engaging photographs to make an immediate, emotional connection with the viewer. Approaches to creating and using product images vary widely. What works best? How many images should you…
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August 21, 2018 0


A look at major resellers’ websites provides strong evidence that product videos are an increasingly important tool in your ecommerce marketing toolkit. In fact, a blogpost on the Forbes website reports that 87% of online marketers today are using video. If you’re not already integrating video on your product detail page, here are four reasons…
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August 2, 2018 0


  Some manufacturers believe a “nice” photo of their product is “good enough.”  And that everyone knows how to use it.  Wrong.  Your images need to tell a story.  They need to show the prospective customer what the image looks like from all angles.  It should show dimensions, details and every feature you currently take…
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July 6, 2018 0

The Importance of Video

The Beginning In the mid 90s, just having a website with text and images was enough to get attention.  “If you build it, they will come” was real.  There wasn’t a lot of competition.  Yahoo! was hand-entered information.  Jeff Bezos was selling books out of his garage.  And Michael Dell was building computers in his…
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June 22, 2018 0