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It was a legendary rant…

January 8, 2018 Incomar Insights 4185


Arizona Cardinals football coach Dennis Green, visibly upset after his team had a fourth-quarter meltdown and lost in the final seconds to the Chicago Bears, famously uttered “…they were who we THOUGHT they were!”  Green was not only livid that his team didn’t perform well at ‘crunch time’, but went on to explain tersely that the two teams had played just a few weeks before in the preseason, and that his players should have known the Bears’ tendencies better.

Many have been in coach Green’s shoes, by sizing up a customer and instead of proactively probing and discovering their company’s tendencies to eliminate doubt and miscommunication, they assume the superficial and find out, often too late, that the customer has other ideas, other strategies.

We don’t let that happen at Incomar Services.  For our image strategy execution, even before our time-proven one-on-one discovery session with the client, we check their existing strategy for evidence of best-in-class images, using comparisons to diagnose shortcomings and whether the current plan has the necessary consistency to support their brand.  In this stage, it is crucial to understand and determine which specific images are going to most effectively reflect the product, which if implemented correctly will drive sales conversion and reduce product returns.

This discovery session is critical because it allows us at Incomar to draw out product features that the client, being so close to it themselves, might not think are necessary to be described fully.  We pride ourselves in helping tell a story that a manufacturer may know inherently and intimately.  But we look even further than that in realizing that their prospective customer has to be told in no uncertain terms about the product, because they must know at the end of the day ‘what they’re getting before they get it’.

With the back-and-forth communication, the strategy gradually becomes crystal-clear, developing the thought process to support the brand and product, and making sure that all images and infographics support that proposition.  In our view, it’s all about driving conversion-to-cart through by helping the customer understand product features, benefits and solutions through images.

Dennis Green, even back during his days coaching at Northwestern University, had another adage, It was ‘plan your work and work your plan’.  That’s what we do at Incomar, every day.

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