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Pause, Plan, Perform: The Importance of Project Planning

August 1, 2019 Incomar Insights 0

When beginning a project, it is easy to want to just jump right in and get started. The ideas are flowing, you’re feeling inspired, and that end goal seems so easy to achieve! But it is important to take a step back and create a plan of action before just diving in. The planning stage is absolutely vital to project management because it allows you to create a clear and defined end goal, the milestones you plan to reach in the process of reaching that goal, and how long each milestone will take to reach.

The first step in the planning process is to create a clear and defined end goal. This allows both you and the client to understand what the long-term objective of this project is, putting you on the same page. In defining your end goal, you also save time in the long run. Rather than completing a project and continuously missing the mark because your end goal was not defined, you will have a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish.

In order to accomplish your end goal, it is important to set milestones that you plan to reach in the process. Setting realistic objectives for yourself saves time as well. Rather than jumping from point A to point C and back to point B and missing details along the way, defining objectives will give you smaller goals to achieve in the process of completing your overall goal.

Setting realistic milestones will also allow you to prioritize tasks accordingly, based on how long each objective will take to complete. Prioritization allows you to keep your thoughts in order and will prevent the wasted time of trying to rush through ten things all at once when ultimately it would have been quicker to complete one at a time.

Ultimately, the project planning stage is just as important to the overall process as the actual completion. By keeping a clear goal in mind and understanding the steps it will take to reach it, you will be able to allocate your resources properly. Furthermore, you will be able to save time by planning ahead and prioritizing your tasks accordingly.