Last Thursday the U. S. Department of Commerce announced that e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2017 were $105.1 billion.  This represented an increase of 6.9% from Q1 2017 and a whopping 16.3 % increase over second quarter 2016 while total retail sales increased by 4.4% in the same period. Click here for PDF.

OK, so what does this mean to me you ask?

It means that the e-commerce flywheel continues to gain greater momentum. E-commerce continues to outpace growth in all other segments of U.S. commerce and manufacturers and resellers need the right tools to compete and win in the e-commerce space.

So what are the right tools?  Manufacturers and resellers need to be armed with a well thought out and executed strategy for persuasive product specific content.  This incorporates images, video, structured and unstructured content along with the partners and methodology for integration of those elements.

Let Incomar Services be your partner in creating a winning strategy, creation and integration of compelling, call to action content that will drive conversion and sales for your products.

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