And to help make learning about it special, we’ve developed a lesson plan for you!

At Incomar Services, we worked with a local art teacher to develop a fun, interactive Columbus Day lesson plan for use in elementary schools, middle schools and Jr. highs.  When we did this it was important for the lesson plan to meet three criteria.  First, it had to be tied to National Standards.  Second, it had to be able to be integrated into multiple disciplines and finally, it had to be fun and creative.  We believe that we achieved our goals and are excited to share the document for the lesson as well as a video showing the plan being executed.

We focused on using SmartFab for the creation of our lesson plan because of its vibrant color palette, it’s versatility and how it will last for years when saved by proud parents and family members.

We plan on doing more of these in the future for other Holidays and special calendar dates.

Check out the links below to view the video or download and share the lesson plan. Log on to our Facebook page to tell us what you think!

Lesson Plan Video

SmartFab Columbus Day Lesson Plan