Incomar stands for Integrated Content Marketing and we are great at creating and managing dynamic product content for our clients. But why is this important to you and your business’ growth?

Because product content – rich product descriptions incorporating features, advantages and benefits supported by multiple images and yes, even video, are the core of any digital marketing strategy. According to a comscore/UPS survey, product content is the #1 reason consumers click the “buy” button. This is followed by ratings and reviews and then by price.

Content can become a manufacturer or supplier’s competitive advantage.

Imagine, if you will, the difference between an image taken on a smartphone in the warehouse (and you know who you are!) and a multiple image strategy executed by a professional photographer. Which of these, when published to your favorite web site, would have a more positive impact on your purchasing decision? You know, you’ve been there! More and better images sell more products.

Let Incomar Services help you create a competitive advantage through enhanced content in your market space and on your resellers’ sites. Just call us at (847) 541-4626 to learn how.