Earlier today the U.S. Department of Commerce released their updated sales figures through the end of last year. They estimated US Retail e-commerce sales for the 4th quarter of 2017 to be $119.0 billion (adjusted for seasonal variation). This represents growth of of 3.2% versus the previous quarter and a hefty 16.9% increase versus the same period the prior year. During the 4th quarter of 2017 overall total retail sales increased by 2.7% versus the prior quarter and 5.7% versus Q4 2016.

You can see all of the statistics and from the U.S. Department of Commerce release by following the link below;

Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales

While the overall retail economy continues to be robust, it is clear that growth on the digital side of the economy continues to outpace that of traditional brick and mortar retail.

This data reinforces the need for companies to focus their efforts and marketing dollars on the creation and continual upgrading of their digital marketing assets. Smart marketers and those that play only in the e-commerce already know this. If other companies want to be successful and remain relevant in the years to come, they need to recognize this new reality and create images, video and other rich content to support their future.

Incomar Services can be a key partner in developing a successful e-commerce content strategy along with creation and integration of compelling, call to action digital assets, that will drive conversion and sales.

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