Video Development

An estimated 30% of all Google search results are videos.

Over the years, Incomar has worked with many manufacturers to produce dynamic, engaging videos that drive product sales on their websites and on resellers’ online platforms.

Product videos deliver a precise online sales presentation by informing customers about all features and benefits, describing the product’s unique value proposition and demonstrating how the product works. By clearly articulating and demonstrating your products benefits the end users relate to the product and understand how it will meet their needs. Videos give the most effective message when they are organized around the feature/benefit solution structure and tell a story that speaks to the customer.

High-end product videos build trust with customers, which is the foundation of converting searching for a product into sale of a product. It can be used to engage the customer in a way that words alone cannot. The quality of the video influences the viewer’s perception of the quality of the product. Good video quality gives the viewer a positive first impression of the product. With the combination of images, infographics, high-quality sound and lighting, there is nothing a video can not do to tell your products unique story.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters