“I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it.” — Sandy Koufax

What does that mean? In baseball parlance, the Hall of Fame pitcher started off his career by thinking his fastball was so alive he could blow each pitch by every hitter. And for a little while it worked, until the batters started timing his throws, leading to early exits from ballgames. Eventually, Koufax learned to put himself in his counterpart’s shoes by understanding what the batter wanted to see, actually working with him in a way…and then throwing him something else.

This type of communication actually bears a strong parallel to how we at Incomar Services work, except we don’t ‘throw you something else’. It’s of utmost importance that our initial analysis be accurate, capturing what most needs to be “brought out” about a product or service through a client discovery session. Call it a Vulcan mind-meld if you will, but it’s crucial to the creative process that we be on the same page with our client.  In turn, everything we do is based on one final shared vision through our process. It is our responsibility through this collaboration to bring to light features, benefits and solutions to achieve the final output.

Here’s where our collaboration starts. Incomar Services works with prospective clients to assist in providing effective digital marketing content that they themselves may not have the resources to create. The essential questions are, who do they want to be seen as and how do they want to be perceived in the marketplace? This is where we work to develop a strong item level strategy, drawing upon the client’s knowledge to put those critical thoughts into spoken words and impactful images.

At various points throughout the process, Incomar audits the current content, looking for gaps in the overall message which can be filled by proven best-in-class content, image and video strategies. This is always done in close collaboration with the client—indeed, this two-way communication is critical to the process, inevitably resulting in digital assets that drive sales growth. We truly value being able to do this!

As Sandy Koufax also said, about baseball, ‘…the game has a cleanness. If you do a good job, the numbers say so.’ Certainly that also rings true in business, particularly as a result of the ongoing exchange of ideas and opinions between Incomar Services and our clients. Our testimonials and our customers’ growth are tribute to that.