Here at Incomar Creative Services, we value teamwork and the melding of minds. We consider this step to be crucial to our creative process. Afterall, the best ideas happen when we put our heads together! 

From the very beginning, Incomar understands that collaboration is important. We start our relationships with a client discovery session, something not dissimilar to a Vulcan mind-meld. This helps us identify what needs to be highlighted about a product or service. It is our responsibility, through this collaboration, to bring to light features, benefits, and solutions to achieve the final output. In turn, we use this shared vision to guide us through the rest of our process. 

Next, we’ll help you develop an item level strategy. When creating this, we look at two essential questions: the first being “Who do they want to be seen as?” Brand Identity is a huge consideration when creating your strategy. The second question is “How do they want to be perceived in the marketplace?” We’ll draw upon the client’s knowledge to put the answers to those questions into eloquent words and impactful images. 

Incomar will audit current content, looking for gaps in the overall message. We are always on the hunt for gaps that can be filled by best-in-class content, image, and video strategies. This is always done in close collaboration with the client. Two-way communication is critical to the process, resulting in digital assets that drive sales growth. 

Now that the groundwork is complete, we can finally get to creating new quality digital marketing content. We’ll help you make incredible graphics and copy, even if you don’t have the resources to create it yourself. 

After all that hard work is done, the only thing left to do is enjoy your results! The numbers reflect the ongoing exchange of ideas and opinions between Incomar Creative and our clients. Our testimonials and our customers’ growth are a tribute to that! 

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us at 847.541.4626 or click here. Let’s put our heads together and make something great!