What is Incomar Services?

Simply put, INCOMAR stands for INtegrated COntent MARketing.

It’s our job to create and manage strategic content for you. We help you show off your products to existing and potential customers through our variety of services. We believe that there is no such thing as a boring product, and we represent many products great and small.

INtegrated Approach

We approach every project with INTEGRATION in mind.  Who is the target audience? Where will the photography or video assets be placed?  How will the assets be used?  The project can only be successful if we know the answers to these questions.  And the only way to get the answers is through a strategy session.

Impactful, Relevant COntent

Your products are the heroes in our photo and video productions, where we highlight all of their features and benefits, and offer solutions to the viewer’s problems. Having a detailed image strategy and product videos give you an advantage against your competitors, driving visibility and conversion for your products across the digital landscape.

Strategic MARketing

Now that we know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and HOW, we develop a strategy that answers the WHERE question.  In today’s digital landscape, we have almost unlimited options.  Depending on the client and product, through an integrated approach, we target our messages and assets to a specific audience in a way that delivers the best results.

Intrigued? Give us a call to learn more at (847) 541-4626 or contact John Wondrasek at [email protected].