Over the years, we have worked with many manufacturers to produce dynamic, engaging videos that drive product sales on their websites and on resellers’ online platforms. While every product video is different, we have identified several key characteristics of the best product videos. Use the following checklist to determine whether your video assets are as effective as they might be.

Does the video thoroughly explain the product?

Product videos deliver a 24/7 online sales presentation. They should tell a comprehensive product story, informing viewers about all features and benefits, describing the product’s unique value proposition and demonstrating how the product is used or works.

Is the content relevant to the end user?

Deep knowledge of your audience and their needs should inform decisions about what content to include in the product video. Clearly articulating and demonstrating product benefits helps end users relate to the product and understand how it will meet their needs.

Are the footage and sound high quality?

The look and sound of a product video strongly influences the end user’s decision making process. The quality of the video influences the viewer’s perception of the quality of the product. Good video quality gives the viewer a positive first impression of the product, while poor video quality can result in a bad impression.

Proper lighting will make a product look more appealing, while fresh, bright background music provides an upbeat viewer experience. If using a voice-over narrator or on-camera talent, be sure to use someone who has experience and can provide a professional delivery.

Is the length appropriate for the content?

There’s no ideal length for a product video. Your video needs to be as long as necessary to deliver the complete product story.  Remember, you’re not making a movie with interesting plot twists.

Do the opening and closing statements speak the same language?

Keep the overall context and tone of the video consistent from beginning to end. Tell one seamless story rather than pieces of different stories stuck together.

Does the video follow a Feature | Benefit | Solution structure?

Videos communicate the product message most effectively when they are organized around this proven Feature | Benefit | Solution structure and tell a comprehensive product story.

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