In the world of  e-commerce, images have proven to be far more powerful than words alone to persuade end users to make a purchase. But just any image won’t do. For many products, it takes a set of high-quality images to tell a comprehensive story about product features and benefits.

A successful set of images results in a clear, attractive presentation of product features and benefits. On the other hand, product images fail when they create confusion or mislead. An item returned because “that’s not how it looked in the picture,” is more costly than not making the sale in the first place.

Follow these three key strategies to produce a set of quality product images that drive sales on your company website as well as on resellers’ and distributors’ platforms.

Strategy 1: Inform and educate the end user

You will need more than one image to show all features. Additional images are needed due to the quantity, location or functionality of the product’s features. Also, if an item is sold in multiple-unit packaging, use one image of the individual item to show features and another image to show quantity.

When features are located on various sides of a product, include images taken from different perspectives, like the front, back, top and bottom sides. Likewise, if a product folds for storage, provide separate views of the product in the open and closed positions.

There are other options if you can’t capture a specific feature in a photograph. A cut-away diagram, for example, effectively reveals interior features. Another approach to showing features that can’t be seen in a product shot is to show the product in use.

Strategy 2: Call out product benefits

Use concise text callouts to explain how each feature benefits the end user. Also, be sure to align text callouts and features, and don’t insert call-outs that refer to a product model other than the one shown in the image.

Strategy 3: Use high-quality images to make the product appealing

Quality images engage the end user, while poor images may send the wrong message about the product. Through proper lighting and positioning, a professional photographer will make your product look as attractive as possible. When possible, include images that show the product in real-life settings.

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