When it comes to product videos, one size doesn’t fit all.

Paying close attention to the differences in resellers’ website interfaces, social media channels and syndication sites results in videos that resonate with viewers. And, creating video content that matches the platform characteristics is the best way to get more value out of your video budget.

Some differences concern technical capabilities of individual platforms. What are the file requirements of your reseller’s platform? Can you put multiple videos on a single page?

What are the Search Filters?

Other differences are more obvious. For example, Snapchat attracts a younger audience than LinkedIn. Instagram is about visual content; words, not so much.

A professionally produced video enhances the presentation on your product detail page.  On the other hand, you might get more traction on your product Facebook page with a smartphone video of your product in use in real life.

Here are some key areas to consider when providing video assets to multiple platforms:

  • Technical requirements
  • Page layout
  • Audience demographics
  • Platform personality
  • Video running time

Does this mean you have to create distinct videos for every platform? Not exactly.

A cost-effective strategy is to produce multiple versions of the same video. First, Identify all possible platforms where you’d like to place video. Next, determine which elements might work across all platforms, and which elements need to be adapted for specific platforms. By researching the possibilities and planning ahead, you can create a master video that can be edited to fit your website, your resellers’ websites and social media channels.

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