Rarely, if ever, do we make blind purchases. For many of us, part of the purchasing process is the ability to hold the product and experience it firsthand. But with online sales in the trillions and 79% of Americans doing their shopping on the Internet, consumers are sacrificing the physical experience in exchange for speed and convenience. High quality images are now replacing the tactile experience.

An industry leader that does an incredible job at producing high quality images is Dyson. In addition to the standard product photos, Dyson engages the strategy to produce products in-use, in the appropriate environment. They change the focal point to the product they are selling.  In doing so, they allow the consumer to experience the product, rather than just looking at it.

(Photo Credit: Dyson Technology Limited and Dyson.com)

Another industry leader in imagery is Apple. Apple’s strategy is to focus entirely on the product.  They use vibrant, rotating images and short videos to help the consumer understand what they are buying, even though they are unable to experience it for themselves.  The consumer develops an attraction with the product before they ever buy it.

(Photo Credit: Apple Inc. and Apple.com)

By using high quality images, these industry leaders appeal to the consumer’s emotions during the purchasing process.

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