A look at major resellers’ websites provides strong evidence that product videos are an increasingly important tool in your ecommerce marketing toolkit. In fact, a blogpost on the Forbes website reports that 87% of online marketers today are using video.

If you’re not already integrating video on your product detail page, here are four reasons why you should consider adding video to the mix.

Seeing is believing

Videos build credibility with viewers by demonstrating how product features work and calling out the benefits of these features. People can be skeptical of advertising claims, but seeing a product in action boosts their confidence in the product and drives the decision to purchase. Research shows consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video.

Search engines favor video

According to a blogpost on SearchEngineWatch.com, an industry information site, videos are 53% more likely to show up at the top of search results than text-based content.

Search companies are in business to deliver what their audience is looking for, and that is increasingly video content. A Cisco white paper predicts video will account for 79% of all internet traffic by 2020. We’re headed towards what’s been called a “video-first” world.

Videos reduce returns

An informed shopper is more likely to make better buying decisions. Videos showing the product in real life and a user interacting with the product provide far more relevant information than images and copywriting to help the viewer imagine the product in their lives.

Videos keep shoppers on a page longer

Watching a video is less work, and more entertaining, than reading copy. And, by leveraging the storytelling capabilities of video, you can engage viewers to watch an entire video and deliver a comprehensive sales pitch.

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